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The goal of the Carletta Houses LLC is to improve the quality of life for Central Florida citizens through commitment, advocacy, and ensuring the provision of adequate affordable housing for our citizens. It is our goal to empower economically disadvantaged individuals, particularly those with very-low to moderate incomes, so Central Florida will have strong, diverse, and viable communities.

Carletta Livingston

July 25, 1955 - April 10, 2009

Carletta's Story

Everbody deserves a second chance, may be even a third

My mother Carletta, loved people and had deep compassion for helping those who were less fortunate, no matter their background or lifestyle. She would open her home to single mothers who were running from domestic violence situations, HIV-positive single mothers and their children, and young adults who were homeless with nowhere to go. No matter the situation my mother would open her home to those who needed love, help, and guidance. My mother understood those she cared for because she endured the same afflictions. As a young man, I observed my mother's compassion and it inspired me to always try my best. I am on a mission to fulfill the need of those who can not do for themselves. My mother passed away in 2009 while I was incarcerated. To keep her name alive, my wife and I decided to dedicate these homes in her name. Carletta's loving legacy will be remembered and touch every guest who calls the Carletta houses home.

Mr. Jesse Boyd

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.With inflation at an all-time high rent is skyrocketing in Orlando Fl, leaving low-income single individuals homeless or in unsafe and sometimes unlivable conditions. The Carletta Houses provide clean, safe, and affordable housing opportunities for single low-income individuals that give dignity while in transition.

Carletta's Woman Housing. Now accepting tenant applications for move-in.

Carletta's Men's Housing. Now accepting tenant applications please click the link below to view the house.

Carletta's Promise

Clean, Secure, and Affordable Housing

Case Management

You will have access to our resources that will help you manage your case to restore families.

Financial Empowerment

Financial literacy is important in establishing a quality life for you and your family.

Founders Mr. Jesse Boyd & Mrs. Daisy Boyd

Our Vison

We have seen the hardship that citizens in our communities have endured because of homelessness, in our community we have people who sometimes work multiple jobs and can't generate enough money to enter the housing market, the average rent for a safe and decent place in Orlando is around $1000 to $1250 a month, plus a requirement to make 3 times the rent monthly. We were compelled to do something about this hardship and the Carletta Houses was birthed.