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The goal of the Carletta Houses LLC is to improve the quality of life for Central Florida citizens through commitment, advocacy, and ensuring the provision of adequate, affordable housing for our citizens and visitors. Additionally, our goal is to empower economically traveling business-savvy individuals, particularly those with moderate incomes who desire to do business in Central Florida, so that the city of Orlando will have a strong, diverse, and viable community.

Carletta Livingston 

July 25, 1955 - April 10, 2009  

Carletta's Story  

My mother, Carletta, loved people and had deep compassion for helping those less fortunate, regardless of their background or lifestyle. She would open her home to single mothers running from domestic violence, HIV-positive single mothers and their children, and young adults who were homeless with nowhere to go. No matter the situation, my mother would open her home to those who needed love, help, and guidance. My mother understood those she cared for because she endured the same afflictions. As a young man, I observed my mother's compassion, inspiring me always to try to provide a peaceful living environment for those who need it. Unfortunately, my mother passed away in 2009. My wife and I dedicated these homes in her name to keep her name alive. Carletta's loving legacy will be remembered and touch every guest who calls the Carletta Houses home.

Mr. Jesse Boyd

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.With inflation at an all-time high rent is skyrocketing in Orlando Fl, leaving working  individuals in unsafe and sometimes unlivable conditions. The Carletta Houses provide clean, safe, and affordable housing opportunities for everyone that give dignity while in transition. 



Founders Mr. Jesse Boyd & Mrs. Daisy Boyd

Our Promise

We have an incredible short-term rental opportunity if you are planning a short vacation or a business trip to the Orlando, Fl, area. We have a newly remodeled home with all new appliances. The  WIFI and all utilities are included and fully furnished. The house is a short ride to downtown, right off the 408 and 5 minutes from the Orlando airport. Valencia and UCF College are within minutes away. There is a beautiful community pool for relaxing after a long, busy day. All major grocery and convenience stores are within walking distance, and a Central bus line is also within walking distance.   Available now! No pets